About Us

ClearReview was founded by a Certified Appraiser who was an integral member of Quality Control Team for a Nationwide Appraisal Management Company. After running a successful appraisal business for than 10 years, he has decided to help Appraisal Management Companies revise what has become outdated and redundant in their Quality Control Process. The process has been designed to motivate Real Estate Appraiser’s address lender/client concerns in a timely fashion which is an area of concern for Appraisal Management Companies. ClearReview’s aim is to help Appraisal Management Company’s control their Quality Control Process effectively. With increasing efforts by the Federal Regulators to demand lenders proper due diligence of their valuation vendors, ClearReview can help an Appraisal Management Company ensure Real Estate Appraiser’s completing report in accordance with established guidelines.

We have built a Quality Assurance Team to serve the purpose and objective of the client. We have developed and acquired knowledge, experience, skill set, and education to control and amplify the QC process of Appraisal Management Company. A stable and well trained team of 15 associates and professionals, we are poised to take review process to next level. A large amount of time is spent on reviewing opinion, conclusion, and analysis part in the appraisal report. The review process easily fall in line with the appraisal review requirement of the organization. The team can be employed from day one with little or no alteration as we are well aware of platform used by AMC’s. Our panel of chief and staff appraisers taps into their expertise to review every aspect of the report while providing you with updates every step of the way helping you in decision making process. Our QA Team eliminate the back and forth between you and appraiser.

We are taking steps to keep our clients compliant to make sure you continue to help you manage and upgrade your marketing and operation department to onboard as many clients as possible. The induction of Clear Review has put mechanism into place to allow AMC’s to be more efficient and complete assignments confidently and in a timely fashion. Our expertise allows the Quality Assurance process to keep pace with the changes in Appraisal Industry.

Lender demand a fast turn-around and thus an efficient Quality Control Process is essential to an AMC’s profitability. Clear Review has an expertise in reviewing all types of valuation products. The review process focuses on the adjustments, use of comparable sales, and other items that are vital to creating a credible report. We believe even a well-supported conclusion can be easily dismissed if the analysis supporting that conclusion is permeated by numerous errors and hence our review process revolve around not just looking adjustments and selection of comparable sales but also appraiser’s analysis.

ClearReview maintains trained, experienced and well-staffed QC Team. We have invested all our experience to design process that helps you stand out. ClearReview knows how to get you from application to the closing table quickly, efficiently, and hassle free by reviewing, highlighting and getting the revised report back from the real estate appraisers. As our board consists of experienced real estate appraisers, staff appraisers and certified reviewer there is no room for error.

We have 4 Tier review process to ensure report adheres to applicable Appraisal Standards. In addition, the staff performs review under the close supervision of our Founder and President. The team members go through rigorous training from time to time to understand every aspect of the review process. The training is conducted to insure team members are abreast of changes in Appraisal Industry.

As appraisal reports are under the scanner from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and investors clients deal with it is more crucial than ever to do your due diligence and due care.

Let us provide you with the review you need to be compliant.

Our Vision

To empower and enable businesses to grow rapidly. To help business be competitive and stand out in the market and to carve a niche for itself.

Our Mission

To leverage experience, knowledge, technology and core values to build, manage and support QC process.

Our Experience

  • Helping Real Estate Appraiser’s fulfill client’s requirements.
  • Worked for over 5-6 companies and managed their QC/QA processes.
  • Experience, knowledge to deliver highly reliable report irrespective of volume.